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How are we different?

What makes the Centre for Project Leadership different?  Why choose CPL?

Our clients have experienced, and benefitted from, these key aspects of our business approach:

Experience and Results

Our CPLA Facilitators come from broad professional backgrounds, industries and disciplines.  This assists us in relating to your organisational representatives.  We also have experience in working in a variety of geographical precincts, including: Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

We recently provided design and facilitation assistance to one of the largest manufacturing groups in Australia.  85% of Participants reported that the program exceeded their expectations, the rest saying that their expectations were met, and 100% of Participants would recommend the program to their colleagues.

Meticulously Planned.  Theory followed by practice.  In the moment feedback.  Highly involving and participative. The why, what, where and how was clear before the start. – Program Participant


CPLA can deliver one, or a team of, Facilitators to suit your requirements.  Due to our depth we can match any global development provider in terms of a broad selection of Facilitator and Consultant experience and expertise.

The content is intellectually rigorous and stimulating and is designed to ensure that it has direct application to the business.  It is one of the only programs I have seen that delivers true value back to the sponsor organisation. – Executive Manager, National Insurance Group


Because of the CPLA flexible business model we can respond to your particular requirements with the right person, or team, for the job.  If we are unable to respond to your timelines for any reason, we will let you know.

The program we have implemented within our division  is the most profound and challenging leadership development program I have ever been engaged in, and provides tremendous outcomes and real behavioural change. Some of our participants have commented that "this is the best leadership program I have ever intended, and I've attended a lot over the years".

The program is highly regarded at every level within our business and program has set a high benchmark for our other leadership programs to live up to. – National Learning Programs Manager

Measures of success

We consider ourselves successful when:-

  • Our clients are delighted
  • We realise our intention to make a positive difference in those individuals and organisations for whom we accept responsibility
  • Program participants have spent their time with us in the learning zone, and not in their comfort zone
  • Individuals can define their aspirations, realise their potential, and achieve things they never thought possible
  • Years later, program participants meet us and comment on the changes that resulted in their behaviours as a result of attending our programs