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Coaching and Mentoring

Whether you are seeking success that builds on your already solid management or leadership base, or improvement in some aspect of your management or leadership life, CPL can assist you.

At other times, you might require a 'circuit breaker' or similar intervention to address a festering issue in your section, or department. CPL can also help you here.

Who is this for?

Coaching and mentoring is provided for Project Directors, Programme Managers, Senior Project Managers and Project Managers, who need assistance to address key business challenges.

Perhaps you would like to move to the next level of success in your leadership career, or maybe you have been trying to sort out a problem between a several of your staff with no success.

How does it work?

CPL conducts an initial meeting with you to flesh out the real challenge so that our efforts can be focused and outcome oriented.

CPL will then agree on your, and our, expectations so that everyone is clear.

CPL will also agree on a decision point at which we will re-assess the issue. In most cases, this re-assessment point helps in a realignment and concluding phase to the intervention.

CPL will then conclude the assignment, but we will always remain available at any time should you feel the need to contact us again.

What do you get?

Many coaching processes are based on programmes that last for six, eight, or twelve months, and sometimes more. Most challenges can be overcome with a much shorter intervention that encourages independence, rather than reliance on a time-consuming, external, expensive solution.

CPL assigns a compatible coach who can work with you to resolve the situation with you.

What's you next step?

Contact Us directly for a no-obligation personal meeting to discuss your specific requirements.