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Case Study Design

The case study method is a great way to learn and consider new or different approaches to real situations. Realistic and relevant scenarios enable your Project Managers to rehearse difficult situations and receive immediate and constructive feedback on areas for improvement.

CPL has been facilitating business case studies from the leading Business Schools for many years. Have you considered a case study that reflects the challenges that exist in your own organisation? Carefully researched and written, your Case can take on a life of its own. You own it, it can be updated at any time to suit the existing business environment, and it can involve a range of technical and service functions in your organisation. Your language, your issues, your own solutions - what could be more effective?

Who is this for?

Many organisations like to 'personalise' their own organisational issues in terms of ensuring that a case experience is as relevant and up to date as possible.

How does it work?

Using fictitious characters, but real situations, your own 'Your Inc.' case can be constructed and amended as time passes so that you reflect emerging and developing issues as your business circumstances change.

What do you get?

Following an initial briefing, CPL will interview and research the appropriate parties and events and will provide you with your own case, together with case teaching notes if your prefer to run your case internally.

What's you next step?

Contact Us directly for a no-obligation personal meeting to discuss your specific requirements.